Mark S. Rasmussen
Feb 17

I’ve previously written on why I don’t want to rely on third party GUIs for managing my AWS services. Assuming I’ll be interacting with AWS through the SDK later on, I much prefer doing the initial setup using the SDK as well, to ensure I fully understand what I’ve done. In previous posts, I’ve shown full console application examples on how to use the SDK for various tasks; however, creating a console application project, compiling and running it can be kind of cumbersome, especially if you’re just doing some quick testing or API exploration.

Nov 07

Recently I’ve been working on a project where I’ve got millions of relatively small objects, sized between 5kb and 500kb, and they all have to be uploaded to S3. Naturally, doing a synchronous upload of each object, one by one, just doesn’t cut it. We need to upload the objects in parallel to achieve acceptable performance. But what are the optimal parameters when it comes to the number of simultaneous upload threads? Does it depend on the object size? How much of a difference does HTTPS over HTTP make? Let me share what I discovered during my testing.

Oct 26

Imagine the scenario – you’ve got customers all over the world all requesting binary files from you. To speed up your delivery, you want to utilize a CDN. Furthermore, all of the files needs to be protected on a specific user session level. Basically, you need to grant access to the specific file when a given user logs in – it’s not enough just to have a “hidden” URL or a URL with an infinitely sharable policy in the query string.