Mark S. Rasmussen
Oct 28

I love presenting, especially so when it’s possible for me to do so alongside Powerpoints presenters view. Unfortunately I’m an even bigger fan of ZoomIt and I use it extensively when presenting. Why is that an issue? To use ZoomIt effectively, not just in demos but when showing slides as well, I need to duplicate my screen rather than extending it. Duplicating the screen means presenters view is not an option :(

Feb 21

Seeing SQLSaturday events sprawling up all over the world makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Long have I been considering whether one might happen in Denmark, but to be honest, I didn’t think the audience would be big enough. I’m biased though as I’ve mainly attended events outside of Denmark, and thus most of my acquaintances have been non-Danish. But lo and behold, Régis Baccaro just announced that SQLSaturday #196 now has 101 registered attendees! And best of all, it’s held in Copenhagen on the 20th of April.

Jan 17

It’s been a long day, and I’m finally on my way home from Copenhagen to Aarhus. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the first day of the Warm Crocodile conference yesterday. Thankfully I was able to attend today, and even better, I got a chance to present my “Top X SQL Server Developer Mistakes” session today, and I’d like to thank everybody who showed up and helped fill the room to its limit. I got a lot of excellent questions during, as well as after, the session. If I missed yours, please do get in touch.

Jun 01

I presented two sessions at this years NT Konferenca. It was my first NTK, and what an NTK it was! I’m really hoping I’ll be back to present again – I’ve been to Slovenia many times before on non-technical visits, and now I’ve been able to confirm that they sure know how to run their conferences and cater for the attendees and speakers :)

Apr 02

As usual, I had a wonderful time at SQLBits X in London. Unfortunately I didn’t arrive until late Friday afternoon since I was flying in at the last minute from SQLConnections. I did however make it to the fabulous party and managed to get in bed early enough so I could be ready for my presentation on Saturday.

Mar 29

I presented my “Optimizing Storage and Performance Using Page and Row Compression” presentation today here at SQLConnections. Overall I think it went alright, even though I had to speed up a bit at the end due to lack of time – I really hope I’ll be able to get a 75 minute slot next time :)

Mar 27

Just before departing for SQLConnections in Vegas and SQLBits in London, I got notified that I’ve been selected for two presentations at the Norwegian Developers Conference in Oslo, June 6-8th!

Dec 09

Las Vegas feels like home to me, ever since going there the first time at age 7 and looking at all those ever so banned-for-me slot machines. I’ve since gone there more times than I can count, including my 21st birthday – and what a difference that age does, in a city like Las Vegas. I’ve been to the CES conference, DevConnections (2007) and I’ve played a hand of poker or two, eventually ending up in me staying there for a month to participate in the World Series of Poker (finished #822 out of 8.773).

Dec 05

I’d heard many rumors about the excellent SQLBits session evaluation results that speakers are sent. Knowing the SSRS geeks on the SQLBits team, I’d expect nothing short of data & graph filled reports – and I’m glad to say they didn’t disappoint!

Oct 09

I’m glad to announce that I’m one of the lucky few who’ve been appointed a seat at the coveted bloggers table during the PASS Summit keynotes. This means I’ll have an excellent view of the leynotes, and I’ll be live blogging and tweeting from both.

Apr 17

Last week I attended the Miracle Open World 2011 conference. As in the previous years the 80% content, 80% social moniker held true to its reputation. My legs and arms are still sore from carrying four-man rubber rings to the top of the four-story waterslide – not the typical aftermath of a conference. I met a lot of new awesome people and managed to pull of a couple of presentations with decent success as well, judging from the responses I’ve had so far. I’ve included the slides & demo code for the presentations below.

Aug 06

I held my TechTalk on CAS security in the .NET framework today. As promised, here are the demos and slides (in Danish). If you’re asked for a key password, it’s “123456”.

Jan 28

A series of pictures I took at the 2007 CES show.

Microsoft didn’t exactly hide itself at the CES, you could see Vista icons, banners, stickers and posters everywhere!