Mark S. Rasmussen
Jan 01

Seeing as most of my presentations are rather technical, I like to start by pointing out the fact that I have no finished higher education (though in progress), no major certifications or recognitions/awards. This leaves a perfect opportunity for me to explain, from the ground up, why I still feel qualified to be standing in front of the audience.

Feb 20

I’ve done it myself, worried about what to do when I exhausted my bigint identity value. I was worried that part of the LSN being a bigint – what would happen when it ran out? Would it perform an integer overflow? The answer? Worrying about exhausting the range of a bigint is not something you should spend time on. Allow me to elaborate.

Oct 20

On my way home from the PASS Summit in Seattle, I had a layover in Amsterdam before continuing onto Copenhagen. For various reasons, we were about one and a half hours delayed, and I arrived in AMS at 9:30, my CPH flight departing at 9:35. As you’d probably guessed, I missed my flight.