Mark S. Rasmussen
Aug 04

In collaboration with Trifork, I’ll be giving a free preview of my SQL Server Storage Engine and MDF File Internals training day at SQLBits.

The event will take place at Trifork A/S, Margrethepladsen 4, 8000 Aarhus C on the 6th of September from 1PM – 7PM. Note that there’s a limit of just 30 attendees, so make sure to register soon if you want to join.

Click here for more details and free registration

Trifork has kindly chosen to sponsor some sandwiches and drinks for the night, that way you won’t be running completely dry by listening to me for six hours ;)

Whether you’re a SQL Server DBA/Dev that wants to take it to the next step, by gaining an extreme insight into the internals, or just a developer with a passion for bytes & hacking, this should be an interesting session for you :)

Mark S. Rasmussen
I'm the CTO at iPaper where I cuddle with databases, mold code and maintain the overall technical & team responsibility. I'm an avid speaker at user groups & conferences. I love life, motorcycles, photography and all things technical. Say hi on Twitter, write me an email or look me up on LinkedIn.