Mark S. Rasmussen
Dec 09

Las Vegas feels like home to me, ever since going there the first time at age 7 and looking at all those ever so banned-for-me slot machines. I’ve since gone there more times than I can count, including my 21st birthday – and what a difference that age does, in a city like Las Vegas. I’ve been to the CES conference, DevConnections (2007) and I’ve played a hand of poker or two, eventually ending up in me staying there for a month to participate in the World Series of Poker (finished #822 out of 8.773).

With Las Vegas being so special to me, I’m extremely thrilled and honored to announce that I’ll be presenting at the SQL Server Connections conference, March 26-29, 2012 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas!

SQL433: Optimizing Storage and Performance Using Page and Row Compression

Since SQL Server 2005, we’ve been able to use the vardecimal data type to store decimals efficiently. With SQL Server 2008 came row and page compression, resulting in much better options for compressing our data. However, neither row nor page compression are panaceas! In this session I’ll walk you through the internals of row and page compression, and based on that knowledge, enable you to better evaluate when to use which type of compression, if compression should be used at all. Once we’ve decided to use compression, how do we determine its effectiveness? What are the pitfalls to look out for? I’ll give you a full tool belt of knowledge to bring home and put to use on your databases.


One of the really awesome features of SQLConnections is that it’s co-hosted alongside ASP.NET & Silverlight, Visual Studio, SharePoint as well as Cloud & Windows Connections. Each with their own set of tracks and speakers. It’s a humongous event, and I love the fact that you can mix them together – you can freely mix sessions from all the different conferences.

If you haven’t already, make sure to register today!

What about SQLBits X and SQL Saturday 105?

Before being confirmed as a speaker at SQLConnections, I’d already submitted a ton of sessions for SQLBits X and SQLSat105. While I could just cram in SQLSat105 in Dublin on the 24th of March, I just can’t afford the extra stop on the trip. Unfortunately that means I’ve had to withdraw my submissions :(

As for SQLBits X, not going is simply not an option. SQLBits 9 was awesome, and I’ve really been looking forward to going again, whether I’m speaking or not. As such, I’ll be flying out of Vegas in the evening of March 29th, arriving in London on the 30th of March, just in time to catch day two and three of SQLBits X.

I’m really looking forward to presenting at SQLConnections, and I’m equally excited to meet a lot of good friends again at both Connections and SQLBits X!

PS – If anyone wants to share rooms at either Connections or SQLBits, let me know!

Mark S. Rasmussen
I'm the CTO at iPaper where I cuddle with databases, mold code and maintain the overall technical & team responsibility. I'm an avid speaker at user groups & conferences. I love life, motorcycles, photography and all things technical. Say hi on Twitter, write me an email or look me up on LinkedIn.