Mark S. Rasmussen
Jun 23

I’ve had my Vista PC running for quite some months now without problems, as well as Adobe Acrobat Professional and Adobe Photoshop. But not anymore…

Yesterday I plugged in the Zune that I bought on a trip to the US in january. I got the installer / driver software from During the installation the installer requested me to update my Zune firmware, which I did. Everything went smooth.

I then left my PC for some hours to go to work. When I got back I was shown a dialog saying that my hardware configuration had changed and that I needed to reactivate Vista, hmmm. I tried the automatic activation but it said my key was already in use. After calling the automatic activation service phone number I got Vista reactivated, weird stuff.

Then suddenly Adobe Acrobat said that my current license was invalid and that I had to reactivate the software. I had to do this twice as I got the exact same message the next time I started Acrobat:

And now today I just started Photoshop, and Guess what came up:

Did me plugging in my Zune cause all of this? I have not made any other hardware changes for months, but how in the world would plugging in an MP3 player cause such a mess?

Mark S. Rasmussen
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