Mark S. Rasmussen
Feb 27

At my job we’ve got a product that relies heavily on Flash. The last couple of days I’ve had a number of users complain that, all of a sudden, they couldn’t view Flash content any more. Common for all of them were their browser - Chrome. It would seem that, somehow, the native Chrome Flash player got disabled by itself all of a sudden.

Feb 20

Having been at it for almost 11 years, I’ve been through a number of blog revamps through the time. And here we are, once again.

Apr 08

I am hastily nearing my third year blogging at Before reinventing my blog, I wrote articles and tutorials at the same address, though in Danish. When I rebooted my blog I completely ditched my old material and started blogging in English. After discussing the concept of blogging a lot recently, I’ve gathered up my thoughts on the subject.

Jun 23

I’ve had my Vista PC running for quite some months now without problems, as well as Adobe Acrobat Professional and Adobe Photoshop. But not anymore…

Dec 27

Is your name William? Do you normally write mails with the subject “Re: hi”? Are your mails usually 11,304 characters in length? Guess what, you’re a spammer! I present to you, an article containing a textual analysis of about 15,000 spam mails.