Mark S. Rasmussen
Feb 20

Having been at it for almost 11 years, I’ve been through a number of blog revamps through the time. And here we are, once again.

Mar 16

Boy am I glad I’ve got my baby insured, guess I’ll need it now :(

Feb 14

I’ve been asked quite a lot of times why I hadn’t put up any pictures of my new ride yet. There’s still a couple of things missing such as the Audi logos for the rims, at least I got the alarms installed yesterday, this is now officially the most secure car in Denmark, sporting a Viper 5000XL, Cobra CONNEX GPS/GSM tracker and a Credex VGS MK-III smoke machine :D

Feb 07

First off, let me give you the good news. I just bought a new car. A ‘2000 Audi TT 1,8T to be precise. The bad news however is that I’m 21 years old, only got about one and a half years seniority and at last, I’m male. Those three properties make up for a worst case scenario for any insurance application form. Anyways, here’s a chronological list of the insurance companies I called and their reponses:

Aug 11

Today there was to be no gambling… A day I never thought was possible. After I got up at around 5 PM I went with Morten to the Hooters hotel & casino to dine and look around. The Hooters girls are in a class of their own, they’re much nicer than most of the Spearmint girls, I simply have to stay at this hotel at some point!

Aug 03

Today I got up relatively early at about 1 PM. Before I knew of it, it had somehow become 7 PM, and several of us were starting to become quite hungry. We weren’t really in the mood for the usual fast food, and neither of use were turned on by the local sushi bar. Instead we went a couple hundred meters down Eastern Avenue to a local placed called ‘The T-Bird’. The scenery was a classical 60’s highway truckerstop place. It was kinda sad as it really looked like it was stuck in the 60’s.

Jul 30

When I went to bed yesterday (after the Main Event) at around 7 AM, I didn’t think of setting my clock. I mean, I didn’t have to get up before around 5-6 PM, I’d be long awake before that.

Jul 26

So today we decided to take a trip to the Grand Canyon just outside Las Vegas. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon once before on an earlier trip when I was seven, but honestly I couldn’t remember it that well besides it being hot as hell and, well, grand.