Mark S. Rasmussen
Sep 25

A single server has started to sometime leave zombie w3wp.exe processes when trying to recycle. A new process is spawned properly and everything seems to work, except the old processes are still present and take up memory. Task manager reports there’s only a single thread left, far from the active ones that have between 40 and 70 threads usually. Using ProcDump I’ve taken a full memory dump to analyze further in WinDbg. The machine is a Server 2008 R2 x64 8 core machine as stated by WinDbg:

Sep 02

Some time ago Peter Loft Jensen wrote about how to easily give a user account the neccessary permissions to access the IIS metabase & required directories, and thus be used for running the IIS process.

Dec 11

Upgrading to IIS 7 should be rather transparent, unfortunately that is not the case when it comes to URL rewriting as we knew it from IIS 6. In IIS 6 all we had to do was to add a wildcard mapping making sure that all requests went through the ASPNET ISAPI process. After this was done, one could create a global.asax file that would either pass requests directly through or rewrite the URL based on an internal algorithm.