Mark S. Rasmussen
Aug 23

My fall schedule is starting to fall into place, and boy, is it a busy one. I am absolutely thrilled that I’ll be going to the three major SQL Server conferences this fall: SQLBits, PASS Summit and PASS SQLRally Nordic. While I’m thrilled that I’ll be attending, I’m even more thrilled, humbled and excited over the fact that I’ll be presenting at all three.

There’s a lot of people I’m looking forward to meet at this years events, presentations I can’t wait to see, and beer I can’t wait to taste :)

September 6th, Aarhus, Denmark

As preparation for my training day at SQLBits, I’ll be giving a free preview of my presentation. Trifork has kindly offered to provide facilities and refreshments. We’ll start up at 1PM and continue until 7PM. You can register (once again, totally free) here:

September 15th, Malmö, Sweden

I will be giving a 60-minute presentation on the undocumented storage internals of SQL Server at the Swedish SQL Server User Group. Registration is free, though limited. Make sure to register before space runs out! -

September 29th, Liverpool, UK

I’ll start out SQLBits by giving a full training day on the SQL Server Storage Engine and MDF File Internals. During this full day session, I’ll give a thorough walkthrough of the MDF file internals, how data is stored, parsed and used optimally. I will be providing a plethora of demos and slides on never-seen-before undocumented internals. I couldn’t ask for a bigger recommendation than what Simon Sabin has written on his blog: Must attend training day for anyone serious about SQL. You can still make the £375.00 SQLBits early bird discount (expires midnight, August 26th) on the complete conference, including the training day.

September 30th, Liverpool, UK

For those not attending my training day, I’ll be giving a 60-minute version where I’ll condense my training day down to the most useful & interesting topics. Hopefully you’ll end up with some valuable knowledge and an unquenchable thirst for more internals knowledge. As mentioned above, you can still make the early bird discount before August 26th – so what are you waiting for?

October 11-14, Seattle, USA

While the final scheduling hasn’t been announced yet, I’ll be giving a lightning talk at this years PASS Summit. In my Revealing the magic lightning talk I will, with the speed of a lightning, attempt to walk you through how to parse the data of a given table given nothing but a table name and an MDF file. We’ll start by parsing the boot page and end up parsing the data records. My goal is not for you to be able to do this afterwards (it’s only 5 minutes, after all), but hopefully I’ll demonstrate that it’s not all magic. Only a little bit.

October 22nd, Aarhus, Denmark

For those of you who prefer to get hands on, I’m hosting a 6 hour code camp on SQL Server internals & performance tuning. I’m aiming for a developer oriented audience who have limited to some experience with SQL Server. A laptop will be required. During the day I’ll be switching between presentations and workshop mode. I’ll introduce concepts after which you’ll be able to try it out yourself, with me helping out as necessary. While it’s aimed at developers, I’ll aim high, don’t expect me to go too easy on you ;) I’ll post once the signup page has been launched.

November 8-9, Aronsborg, Sweden

At the last event of the year, PASS SQLRally Nordic, I’ll be giving my Knowing the Internals, Who Needs SQL Server Anyway? session. This is an improved version of the session I held earlier this year at Miracle Open World. Since then, I’ve spent almost four months developing OrcaMDF, not to mention turning it into an open source project. Suffice to say, I’ve got a lot more to show this time around.

Mark S. Rasmussen
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