Mark S. Rasmussen
Oct 23

I’m slightly late to announce this, but better late than never!

Just a few weeks ago, the book Tribal SQL went for sale! I authored a chapter on “Storage Internals 101” and alongside 14 other first-time authors, this is our first book to have published!

Tribal SQL: New voices in SQL Server

15 first-time authors answer the question: What makes you passionate about working with SQL Server?

MidnightDBA and Red Gate partnered to produce a book filled with community, Tribal, knowledge on SQL Server. The resulting book is a series of chapters on lessons learned, perhaps the hard way, which you won’t find in traditional training or technical guidance material.

As a truly community-driven book, the authors are all generously donating 100% of their royalties to the charity Computers 4 Africa.

A DBA’s core responsibilities are constant. A DBA must have the hard skills necessary to maintain and enforce security mechanisms on the data, prepare effectively for disaster recovery, ensure the performance and availability of all the databases in their care.

Side by side with these, our authors have also recognized the importance of communication skills to the business and their careers. We have chapters on the importance to a DBA of communicating clearly with their co-workers and business leaders, presenting data as useful information that the business can use to make decisions, and sound project management skills.

The resulting book, Tribal SQL, is a reflection of how a DBA’s core and long-standing responsibilities and what it means to be a DBA in today’s businesses.

If you want to get a sneak peek of my chapter, it has been posted on Simple-Talk as an extract of the complete book.

Mark S. Rasmussen
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