Mark S. Rasmussen
Jan 28

A series of pictures I took at the 2007 CES show.

Microsoft didn’t exactly hide itself at the CES, you could see Vista icons, banners, stickers and posters everywhere!

Honda showcased it’s famous ASIMO robot, pronounced very much like the awesome-o robot from South Park.

The whole north hall was full of custom car manufacturer showoffs and ICE equipment.

The finish of this car was incredibly cool, unfortunately it’s absolutely impossible to maintain.

Without doubt, the most impressive woofer system on show was the dual 22” Jackhammer Escalade, featured by Pimp my Ride’s Mad Mike.

By placing your hand in between the censors, you could control a cursor on the screen.

The Microsoft booth / hall.

LG’s combined Blu-ray & HD player.

Do not underestimate the deadly power of vending machines!

Hellgate London, oh the joy of trying it. Can’t wait until it releases!

Hmm, I don’t really know what this booth was about.

Intels F1 simulator.

An LCD monitor mounted on a glass plate, almost invisible wires.

Sharp/Aquos’ 108” LCD. There was a thinly veiled line down through the middle, revealing that it’s probably just two smaller panels stitched together.

Panasonics monitor booth.

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