Mark S. Rasmussen
Jan 09

Since I woke up at 6 AM this morning I decided to just stay in bed and watch The Prestige through the hotel movie system.

When I got up I realized that the only power adaptor that I’d brought was a US - EU style, not the required EU - US… Friggin typical! So I went to every Futurama fans favorite electronics store, Fry’s Electronics, which is also the largest electronics store in Vegas!

I’ve always spoken badly of the Zune on absolutely no grounds other than my own prediction of it’s success. However, when I came by a stand of Zune’s I simply couldn’t resist buying one, not really because of it’s looks (I think it feels far too like plastic, it just doesn’t have the same iPod quality feel), but because… Well, I dunno, I bought one, that’s what matters.

This is what met me when I started up the Zune for the very first time:

iPod 1 - 0 Zune

A bit later I went to the Venetian to get my first poker session. A couple of hours went by, nothing in particular to report, I ended about even in the $1/2 game.

I met up with Nicholai from work later on and got a couple Gin & Tonics as well as enjoying the Mandalay Bay buffet. I think we walked about Mandalay Bay for an hour or so before giving up on finding the supposedly impressing pool.

Mark S. Rasmussen
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