Mark S. Rasmussen
Aug 17

I’m finally sitting in the train on my way home from the Airport and an excellent week spent in Nashville, also known as Nash Vegas.

First of all, major kudos go out to John Kellar (@johnkellar) and the rest of the devLINK team. I still can’t believe the amazing quality of devLINK as a conference, the speaker lineup, food, party, etc, all for a price of just $75! From what I gathered, there were only three international participants at devLINK this year, including me and @KasperVesth - if devLINK continues its current path, I’m sure there’ll be plenty more next year.

Also thanks to Elijah Manor for giving me and @KasperVesth a ride home from Lipscomb - cabs are nowhere to be found out there! Likewise, thanks to John Doe (sorry, can’t remember your name!) from who we hitched a ride back to the Sheraton from Lipscomb after having walked a mile down the road and realized cabs weren’t around.

Besides having to reboot my laptop at the last minute due to my virtual machines not recognizing my network, I think the presentation went quite well. Not as many people as I’d hoped for, but I guess having the last slot with a narrow topic is a challenge in that regard.

You can download my code, slides and videos here. I’ve not included the virtual PCs since they’d take up around 40GB to download.

I hope I’ll be able to join you again next year, providing the economy & work schedule allows it :)

Gaines Kergosien in his chainmail at the Community Leadership Summit the day before devLINK.

The outdoor eating area.

I’ve never seen this high a concentration of guitars at any conference!

The main entrance at Lipscomb University - perfect venue for the event. Could’ve used more cabs in the vicinity however.

Hands down the best conference party I’ve attended. Free buffet at the local Nashville Sounds baseball game. Awesome.

Mark S. Rasmussen
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