Mark S. Rasmussen
Feb 07

First off, let me give you the good news. I just bought a new car. A ‘2000 Audi TT 1,8T to be precise. The bad news however is that I’m 21 years old, only got about one and a half years seniority and at last, I’m male. Those three properties make up for a worst case scenario for any insurance application form. Anyways, here’s a chronological list of the insurance companies I called and their reponses:


Tryg was able to offer me an impressive price of 94.000 kroners ($16.337) per year. Thats roughly 1/3 the price of the car. Thanks… I guess.


Forget it. GF is my current company, they didn’t want nothing to do with my new car.


Topdanmark just saved me 60k, they were able to offer me the same insurance for 34.000 kroners ($5.909) per year.


Alka didn’t want to insure me, even though I offered to take their “Respekt for fart” (respect for speed) training course.


“NO way, we don’t insure cars like that”.

Alm. Brand

The best so far, giving me an offer of 27.000 per year ($4.692).


The Fair CS started laughing after I’d mentioned my age and car, then he hung up.


Trekroner is the winner. They offered me an insurance of 25.000 per year ($4.345).

Danske Forsikringer

“I wouldn’t bet on that”, that’s what they told me before giving me the price of 69.000 per year ($11.992).


After explicitly requiring me to move all my other insurances over to them, Codan offered me an insurance on the car for 36.000 per year ($6.256).


IF thought I was joking when I called them and told my age and car. While trying to reason with them that I weren’t joking, they hung up.


All in all, calling around to the various insurance companies took me a total of about two hours. The result of those two hours is that I went from $16.337 per year all the way down to $4.345 per year. That’s a saving of $11.992, giving me an hourly wage of about $6.000, that’s not too shabby!

Mark S. Rasmussen
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