Mark S. Rasmussen
Aug 11

Today there was to be no gambling… A day I never thought was possible. After I got up at around 5 PM I went with Morten to the Hooters hotel & casino to dine and look around. The Hooters girls are in a class of their own, they’re much nicer than most of the Spearmint girls, I simply have to stay at this hotel at some point!

Unfortunately when we got our pics taken we didn’t switch cameras, so I’ve got the picture of Sally (our lovely waitress) together with Morten and vice versa, but nevermind, Sally’s what’s interesting in this picture.

Afterwards we went to the Las Vegas premium outlets to do some shopping. Damn it’s cheap! I went nuts in the Tommy Hilfiger shop, expecting the bill to be around $5-600 (which I’d still perceive as cheap)… It didn’t pass $200. You can really do some scoops here when it comes to clothe shopping!

Afterwards we went to the Stratosphere to enjoy the view and look at the rides. Unfortunately due to all our shopping bags we couldn’t take the rides as we didn’t really feel like leaving our bags on the ground in the mean time. I might go to the Stratosphere one of the next days, I really wanna take the Big Shot ride.

Mark S. Rasmussen
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