Mark S. Rasmussen
Dec 08

In an effort to get my HTC TyTN Windows Mobile 5 based PDA to synchronize with my Vista system, I downloaded the newest release of ActiveSync (4.2). This is what happens when you try to install ActiveSync on Vista:

After searching for a solution it became apparent that Vista was born with the successor of ActiveSync, namely the Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC in short, which is not to be mistaken for the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission, which shares the same acronym).

And whadda ya know, there it is, Windows Mobile Device Center. It really does come preinstalled, neat.

But… If it’s pre installed, why is this all I get when I run the WMDC? Apparently it’s perfectly able to recognize that my device is connected.

And furthermore it’s also able to recognize the name of the device, as well as the operating system, PPC 5.1 / Windows Mobile 5. But why is it not able to synchronize then?

For some reason the Windows Mobile Device Center is NOT preinstalled after all, or at least the actual Device Center isn’t, only the connectivity parts are. To use the Windows Mobile Device Center you’ll have to download the Beta 3 version of WMDC and install it.

After installing the Beta 3 version of WMDC it runs perfectly. It really seems to be a lot more snappy and intuitive than the old ActiveSync.

Mark S. Rasmussen
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