Mark S. Rasmussen
Mar 07

Some of you may know that I used to play a lot of poker. Unfortunately that’s not the case any more. I really enjoy live poker when I’m in Vegas, I enjoy the major tournaments and I’ve definitely not participated in my last WSOP. But as for online poker and the daily grind, I’ve quit it. I just don’t find it exciting any more. While the mathematical aspect acquired my interest early on, I never enjoyed grinding as such, it was purely for monetary reasons.

Anyways, one of the ways I kept enjoying was by utilizing one of my skills, multi tasking. I remember back in the days when you could play all the Party skins at the same time, about 20 tables simultaneously. While multitabling I started developing a small helper application for my own use, Multi Table Helper (MTH). Before long, it got released publicly and it got quite popular.

Anyways, fast forward a couple of years, MTH was up to version 2.28, I had it running on Stars & Party and actually on Crypto and FTP as well, locally. Now, this was also about the time my company went haywire in regards to client jobs. I’d lost my interest in online poker. I worked round the clock, so MTH didn’t get the attention it needed.

Fast forward about a year more. I realized MTH needed an update, and I actually wanted to continue the development. I started the Core project. The Core project was meant to be semi-open source. I worked on creating a stable and extensible core that could be extended in any way possible. I never got to finish it off though.

I’ve now realized that I won’t have the time to finish the Core project off anytime soon, and without playing poker myself, it’s tough to find a real interest in it. So here we go, I’m releasing both the original latest release of MTH as well as the MTH Core source code under the GPL license.

Now, a couple of notices.

I’ve removed pretty much everything registration related, there may still be some leftovers though. You cannot compile neither project as it is now since it depends on Desaware SpyWorks. SpyWorks is not free and thus I cannot bundle it. If you wish to compile MTH in its current state, you will have to buy SpyWorks yourself.

MTH uses AutoIt3 as well, I have not bundled it, you will have to download and install it yourself.

MTH’s Speech recognition depends on the Windows Speech API, you will have to download and install that from Microsoft first.

MTH is released under the GNU General Public License. You are allowed to continue work on MTH, make releases and use parts in your own projects. You may not use parts of MTH for commercial products, any parts of MTH used in your own projects must be released as by the demands of the GPL license. Please see the license.txt file included in the downloads.

The classic MTH (2.28) is not particularly beautiful architecturally, but it is by far the most complete application of the two. The Core project is much further from actually working, but I hope someone will continue the work and complete the Core project as I originally imagined it. Both applications will need some work, but it should be a very good starting point.

Those of you that have bough MTH

Thank you. I will not be accepting any further registrations. I will keep the current registration service running, I do not have any plans of shutting it down, so you should be able to use MTH just like you do today.


If you have any questions regarding the source code, or any other related matter, please let me know. I will not guarantee any help in regards of making the code run, but I might be able to give some pointers.


Mark S. Rasmussen
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