Mark S. Rasmussen
Aug 01

… happened today. I got up early (around 2 PM) as I really needed to be able to go to bed early tonight. Tomorrow is the second day of the WSOP Main Event tournament. They’re expected the day to last around 15 hours like the first day, so I will need to be well rested, unlike on day one.

I went to the New York New York tonight for a dinner party arranged on the 2+2 forums. We met up at the ESPN Zone and got a couple of beers, some above average fast food and then we split up again.

I bought myself a nifty little camera today (Sony DSC-W50) today that is small enough for me to fit it in my pocket. This means I’ll be able to take a lot more of pictures during the day as my main camera (Sony DSC-R1) is a bit too large to bring into the Spearmint and such places.

I’m off to bed now (1 AM). We’re taking a cab to the Rio tomorrow at around 10 AM, hoping to be able to get some breakfast in there before the crowd starts moving in.

Mark S. Rasmussen
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