Mark S. Rasmussen
Jan 12

One of the few places left that I haven’t played at is Caesars Palace. Fortunately I can now cross Caesars off my list.

The room is separated from the usual casino area by a small walkway. This separation ensures that the room is very quiet, in contrast to the extremely noisy MGM Grand room. The chairs are great swiveling office chairs, quite comfortable. The felt is absolutely perfect, just the way I want it, just the way the Venetian has it - though it seems to be somewhat older at Caesars.

While the Venetian usually has one or two regulars and then drunks or new players for the rest, Caesars seemed to be dominated by regulars and nits. There were a couple of exec guys coming from the CES, but other than that people knew what they were doing, even at the $1/2 level.

Talking about 1/2. Caesars has an absolutely great structure for the 1/2 game, allowing you to buyin for $500, that’s 250BBs! That makes for some great deepstacked play. And while the max buyin is at $500, most people bought in for $1-200, that means you’ll have everybody covered from the getgo, another advantage.

All in all I’ll certainly be back. Caesars is great, but it still won’t be able to change my mind, The Venetian is without doubt the greatest poker room on the strip so far.

Now I just have to cross out Bellagio and Wynn from my list…

Mark S. Rasmussen
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