Mark S. Rasmussen
Aug 26

I’ve been to Slovenia many times, though only recently in a professional context, as I presented at NT Konferenca earlier this year. Several times, and from multiple people, I’ve heard about a local conference named Bleeding Edge, and how it was put together with nothing but level 400+ content with top quality speakers.

This summer, I happened to drop by Ljubljana to visit some friends of mine, as I was in the area on vacation. At some point in the evening, the talk turned to Bleeding Edge again, and before I knew it, Mladen Prajdić said he’d introduce me to one of the organizers, Matija Lah.

Today, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be presenting my Revealing the Magic session at Bleeding Edge 2012 on the 23-24th of October in Laško, Slovenia.

I’ve presented the session before at other venues, and this one will follow the usual fast and furious format. There are 10 hours of content compressed into just one hour. I will be showing the latest OrcaMDF bits during the session and my usual warning goes: This session is not meant to teach as much as it’s meant to inspire you. Inspire you to realize how simple SQL Server really is at its core, once you master the immediate complexity. For a full description of the session, I recommend you go to the Bleeding Edge site.

Mark S. Rasmussen
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