Mark S. Rasmussen
Jul 18

The official announcement was made a couple of days ago and I’m embarassingly late to follow up myself. “Unfortunately” this is what I’m doing right now, and I must say that achieving a proper 3G connection in the middle of the Dolomites has proven rather difficult…

Anyways, I’m happy and honored to say that I’ll be presenting my A Deep-Dive into the depths of the SQL Server storage engine and MDF file format precon at SQLSaturday #162 in Cambridge. I’ll be presenting my precon alongside SQL Server authorities like Jen Stirrup and Buck Woody, not to mention all of the regular session speakers, which have yet to be announced.

Allow me to present some of the feedback I got on my Revealing the Magic session, which is a 1-hour version of my precon, at the last SQLBits:

It was perhaps too much detail to cram into a 1 hour session.

A bit rushed. I can say it is probably the first time I felt my knowledge was not
enough to keep up with mark’s content.

Great pace of session - very fast, no messing about - excellent - more sessions
should get on with it, like this. Loved the session and very technical - exactly
what the benefit of having this stuff delivered face-to-face.

I know he said it at the beginning. but at times it was just too fast. Maybe let the
people digest what was said.

I love receiving constructive feedback, and this is so spot on! I definitely need to weed out a bit of content from my 1-hour session as there’s simply too much to go through in just one hour. Having a full day to present the same content is a much more fitting format, and it will allow me to go at a somewhat more normal pace, as well as leaving plenty of time for Q&A during the presentation.

I will however still warn you that this is a level 500 precon. I will go very in depth and there will be plenty of bits and bytes to show – documented as well as undocumented.

Please check out the Cambridgeshire SQL Server User Group page for more information on mine, Jen Stirrup and Buck Woodys precons. Make sure to register, if not for mine then for one of the other excellent precons!

Mark S. Rasmussen
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