Mark S. Rasmussen
Jan 09

I wanted to log a lot of poker playing hours today. At about 12 PM I went to the MGM Grand, a room that I’d never visited. After playing there for about 5-6 hours (please don’t ask how it went, I got butchered), I’ve got mixed feelings about the room.

The cocktail service is absolutely great. Although they’re not the lookers as they are at the Wynn, they’re among the quickest on the strip. There’s allways a cocektail waitress around, ready to take your order. The tables are among the most sophisticated ones I’ve seen. Naturally they have automatic shufflers, but most casinos have that these days. Registration of player cards it done automatically at the table itself, no need for a floor to bring it to the cage. Also, the dealer is able to call for cocktail waitresses and chiprunners by pressing buttons on the dealer tray, very efficient! I hate the felt they use, it’s the hard stiff kind you’ll also find at casinos like Royal in Århus, totally impossible to get your fingers beneath the cards to flip’em up or just to take a look at them. It is however rectified by the marble border around the table, creating a litthe gap in the felt, making it easier to get ones finger under the cards. The MGM seemed to have a lot of totally new players, player who’ve never sat in a live game. It’s probably due to the fact that the MGM poker room is placed in the middle of everything, right next to the lion cave and the night club, effectively causing a lot of people to wander by. That also has the effect of causing a ridicilous amount of railbirds as well as contributing to making the room intolerably noisy.

As I had a dinner appointment at the Venetian in the evening, I went to the Venetian at about 6 PM to continue my play. While I was being butchered at the MGM, I made a slaughter at the Venetian game, ending up quite a bit. I’d established quite a loose image at the table, just the way I want it. I was dealt TcJc. The flop came AcKc8c. Although I can’t really remember the action, I bet on the flop, got called by a single guy at the end of the table. A blank hit the turn which we both checked. Finally at the river, Qc, I bet out about half the pot. It was not until then I realized that I’d just made a Royal Flush! The other guy eventually folded. I showed my cards, saying, “I think I had you”. The table went crazy, so did the dealer and the floor person. Through December they’ve had a Royal Flush promotion that resulted in you winning Venetian jacket if you hit the Royal Flush. Although the promotion weren’t running anymore, Nate, the floor person on duty told me to come back one of the following days and look him up, he’d find a little something for me, great service. To make matters even more special, in the hand right after my Royal Flush I hid a set of threes that quadded on the river, consecutive Royal Flush and quads, what are the odds? Please don’t tell me live games aren’t rigged as well as online games!

Mark S. Rasmussen
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