Mark S. Rasmussen
Apr 02

As usual, I had a wonderful time at SQLBits X in London. Unfortunately I didn’t arrive until late Friday afternoon since I was flying in at the last minute from SQLConnections. I did however make it to the fabulous party and managed to get in bed early enough so I could be ready for my presentation on Saturday.

As promised in my session, here are the downloadable slides and demos: [

sqlbits_2012_04_01_revealing_the_magic.rar - Slides & demos

All of you who showed up, or wanted to showed up but couldn’t get in, thank you! Also, a big thanks goes out to the SQLBits crew – I can’t say how impressed I am by the tightness with which it’s run. Everything was timed to perfection, the hardware was running excellently and I didn’t see a room without a helper ready to jump in if anyone needed anything.

Mark S. Rasmussen
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