Mark S. Rasmussen
Feb 21

Seeing SQLSaturday events sprawling up all over the world makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Long have I been considering whether one might happen in Denmark, but to be honest, I didn’t think the audience would be big enough. I’m biased though as I’ve mainly attended events outside of Denmark, and thus most of my acquaintances have been non-Danish. But lo and behold, Régis Baccaro just announced that SQLSaturday #196 now has 101 registered attendees! And best of all, it’s held in Copenhagen on the 20th of April.

Having just about 100 people attend my Top X SQL Server Developer Mistakes session at Warm Crocodile recently made me realize just how popular SQL Server really is. Nosql might be the hype, but when it comes to business, quite a lot of developers are “stuck” with SQL Server on a daily basis. For the same reason, I absolutely cannot recommend going to SQLSaturday #196 enough! It’s free, it’s an excellent networking opportunity and it’s sure to be full of great speakers and content. Go ahead - register here!

I’ll have the pleasure and honor of presenting my A Deep Dive Into the Depths of the SQL Server Storage Engine and MDF File Format precon on the 19th of April, the day before the SQLSaturday event itself. It’s not the first time I’m presenting this precon, in fact, this’ll be my fifth time. This means I’ve now had a number of chances to test my content and optimize the format to ensure you get maximum value out of the day. If you’re planning on attending and have any special requests or questions regarding the content, please do let me know in the comments here!

If storage internals isn’t your thing, there are two other top notch presenters - Jen Stirrup and Denny Cherry. Jen will be presenting a Data Visualisation Deep-Dive using SQL Server 2012 while Denny will present on SQL Server 2012 in a Highly Available World.

Mark S. Rasmussen
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