Mark S. Rasmussen
Jul 27

So tonight I woke up at 7:30 PM for some reason. I have no idea how I could sleep that late, I mean, it wasn’t more than like 6:30 AM when I got back from the Rio last night. But whatever, it was great to get some sleep. At around 10 PM we went to the Pokerteam DK party at their house on the other side of the strip. Great party, lots of danish poker players, cool to have a danish gathering. Norsemen were holding their own party in a house right next to us. It was also cool to put faces on guys like bad_ip and zweig, they were much younger / teenageish than I’d imagined.

Due to a promise we all made, I will have to sum up the rest of the night in the following picture:

Mark S. Rasmussen
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