Mark S. Rasmussen
Feb 04

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be presenting at SQLSaturday #275 in Copenhagen on March 29th!

I’ll be presenting my Recovering Data from Fatally Corrupt Databases session:

Imagine the worst case scenario: Your database won’t come online. Lots of checksum errors logged. DBCC CheckDB won’t even run on the database. And worst of all - you have no backups! Now what do you do with this 20GB binary blob of an MDF file? In this demo-rich session I will briefly introduce the internals of MDF files while primarly concentrating on how to manually extract data from corrupt databases. I will be using the OrcaMDF RawDatabase framework to do most of the parsing, which will also be explained during the session.

If you want to be able to save the day when all other options are exhausted, you shouldn’t miss this session.

Mark S. Rasmussen
I'm the CTO at iPaper where I cuddle with databases, mold code and maintain the overall technical & team responsibility. I'm an avid speaker at user groups & conferences. I love life, motorcycles, photography and all things technical. Say hi on Twitter, write me an email or look me up on LinkedIn.